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"The Circle of Female Happiness"

"The Circle of Female Happiness". Print edition.

"The Circle of Female Happiness". Print edition.
Код 5002

Part of the «Self-Help» Series of Books
Book 3

Х49 Harpreet Singh Heera. «The Circle of Female Happiness» - Kharkiv: «Planeta-Print» Publishing House, 2017. – 102 pp.

Women have always played a crucial role in society. Female nature represents the union of the external and the internal worlds. By herself, the woman is a source of tranquility and happiness, the embodiment of love, kindness, and compassion – for the essence of the Soul itself is feminine.

How can a woman preserve her inner nature? How can she love and be the sole object of another’s love? How to create a family and keep it? How to raise children? How to remain a beloved daughter in the eyes of one’s parents? – these and many other secrets will be revealed to you in this book. Audio-meditation will help you to recover your inner harmony and reestablish peace, calm, and love.

140 грн
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